Solo Shows

Ètudes De Paysage 
@ Ping Pong 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark

Domaine d’Ètude @
Spread Museum

Entrevaux, France

Bigag & The Bando @ aaaa Nordhavn 2022
Copenhagen, Denmark 

Drafts of Ecology: Dear Landscape, @ RainRain Gallery 2022
New York, USA

Drafts of Ecology/Thought & Memory: Interior & Exterior
@ Kerka Gallery
St. Petersburg, Russia

Drafts of Ecology: SIRENIA, Servando Gallery 2021
Havana, Cuba

Drafts of Ecology/Psyche Interior, Udstillingsstedet Q 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

BFA Degree Show — The Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts 2021 
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dream Structures, Ta-Da Space 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Drafts of Ecology/Beastial Fantasy, Patara Gallery 2020
Tbilisi, Georgia

CRITS, Brigade Gallery 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

Roaming Away On The Pillars Of Consensus, CGK 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected group shows

A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes a Long Way @ Zirka.Space 2024
Munich, Germany
Curated by Kay Yoon

Radical Technology @ Norrecco ressourcestation 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Curated by

Anthology of the Field  @
Basecamp, Locarno Film Festival
Locarno, Switzerland
Curated by Justine Stella Knuchel

Sweet To Tongue — Sound To Eye @ Augustiana 2022 Sønderborg, Denmark
Curated by Sophia Luna Portra
Christmas Salon @ Alice Folker 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Make Friend Not Art: Underbellies 2021
@ Bundesallee 213-214
Curated by Caroline Marie Ballegaard
Berlin, Germany

“HUMAN ERR0R”, GMO Gallery 2020
New York, USA

Staff Only, Salon 75 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Legend of the Larynx Metamorphosis 2019
Bologna, Italy

Zoom With Your Feet (Make Friends) 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

Locarno Film Festival Basecamp 2023: Anthology of the Field
Curated by Justine Knuchel

Artist, curator and filmmaker, Theodor Nymark initiates an evening consisting of a reading of a poem, a gathering of flowers resolving in a collective bouqet, a presentation of a field recording and an AI photograph.

The performative work and project gesturally explores different ways of encapsulating and relating to landscape, and more specifically, a field. By incorporating several interpretations and layers of this investigation the project includes materialities such as sound, image, plants, stone age residues and literature and thus seeking to unfold the field in various mediums.

Ètudes De Paysage  

@ Ping Pong
Kgs. Nytorv 1
Copenhagen, Denmark

14th July — 20th July 2023

I’m Iistening to jolly cows, I’m lying in a grass field. Marie has sent me some pictures of ghosts, I saw a carcass today. In the book I’m reading, Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, is a description of a picnic on a Sunday afternoon: Young kids driving in a borrowed car, settling down in a meadow near the parking lot and the country road. They take out bottles, food, transistor radios, cameras and camping gear and have a party. In horror the local animals and insects watch the humans from afar. The next morning, when the party has left, the locals creep out carefully to see their environment completely changed by a mess of old spark plugs, filters, burnt-out bulbs, miscellaneous trash and faded flowers picked in another meadow. In the book, the image is meant to illustrate an extra-terrestrial visit. A character from Roadside Picnic goes by the name The Vulture. He is ruthless when scavenging alien leftovers. There are no vultures here, circling above me. In this world, the global vulture population is declining, disrupting an ecology of organic waste disposal. Vultures eating cattle carcass treated with different, widely used anti-inflammatory drugs die of kidney failure. It’s a catastrophy for the Indian Parsi community, who practice the ancient Zoroastrian sky-burials where corpses are exposed to and eaten by vultures. Since the 90’s the Indian vulture population has dropped from millions to thousands. This information is… knowledge malaise, it’s difficult to consume. Vvvvvulture. A stroke from the upper left corner drawn down towards the center. A second stroke going from the center back up towards the right. V.

If you put the upper fraction of two halved circles on top of the V it makes a heart. In semiotics a heart-shaped heart is an expression of love. A whiteboard is an exposed, submissive surface, inviting hands to erase or modify its previous agenda.

The vulture is wiped out, instead an opportunistic “Christine” is written in big letters during a break, hearts are drawn above the i’s. The glossy white finish is an information host which welcomes language, symbols, numbers and images, but the premise is ecological. It’s based on an educational system where knowledge has a duty to replace “ignorance”. In a classroom a whiteboard hovers like a crane as structure and potential over the school tables.

If the flesh of a carcass would go too far in its decay, dangerous diseases could spread to its environment. The vultures’ consumption of the dead is extremely sufficient. Imagine the terror of encountering a ghost vulture full of ghosts. I’m even haunted by the daunting, fearless scavenger in Roadside Picnic. That’s why there’s something appealing about a whiteboard, it forgives your misspellings and inattentive equations. In her essay on ancient Greek love poetry “Eros The Bittersweet” Anne Carson writes that if the pleasure of ice consists in novelty, then ice must melt in order to be desirable. Ice is crystal glamour, and when you hold it in your palm, it melts. Impermanence serves well both pictorial representation and flatness.The flux potential of images and intention reveals its ambiguity as the school day is over and last subject’s scribbles remain on the whiteboard. Bewildered by the liberty of free time, everyone leaves in a rush. In the empty classroom a student sneaks up to the board, wipes it and with red and blue ink marker he draws a big cock on erased algebra. Like flowers picked in another meadow, in the morning the action has turned into an unclear message, awaiting a different, uniformed group of people having a seminar.

Christine Arendse Dahlerup


Scène De Côte Avec Un Artiste, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Départ Pour Les C, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Arche Rocheuse Et Une Rivière, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Lever Du Soleil, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Le Moulin 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Le Vacher, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

La Danse Country, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Le Troupeau Revenant Par Temps Orageux, 2023
Dry earase ink on whiteboard foil
mounted on HDF.

Ambience, 2023
Life Time folding table,
Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder,
oxidated copper, various road median
flowers, ceramic vase, styrofoam cooler,
plastic cups, Créme De Cassis,  

Domaine d’Ètude

Theodor Nymark

Spread Museum Residency

May 2023 Entrevaux, France

Domaine d’Ètude or Field Study is a compilation of gestures and situations

comprised of assemblages, sculptures and paintings made during the

month of May 2023 in Entrevaux, France by artist and curator Theodor Nymark

in relation to a residency hosted by Spread Museum and Visual Arts Agency France.

The anthology of content investigates the historical and aesthetic qualities

of the surrounding areas and pose to negotiate and encompass notions of

the ephemeral, environmental and essential.

Domaine d’Ètude 1
Algae on cotton paper,
plastic foil, colored tape,
travel brochure, dried pine twig.

Apartment at Rue Du Marché in Entrevaux.

Domaine d’Ètude 2 2023
Algae on cotton paper,
travel brochure, dried thistle.

Apartment at Rue Du Marché
in Entrevaux.

Protectrice 2023
Bubble wrap, colored tape and dried cherry laurel.

Apartment at Rue Du Marché in Entrevaux

Outils Ou Changer 2023
Resin hand axe and receipt

Inside window sill of rented Toyota CH-R
Hybrid in Malausséne by the Vàr river.

Succession De Pourriture 2023
Purchased empty Escargot shells and clover mites.

Composting field of Jardin d’Entrevaux.

Representation of the settlement in the Lazaret Cave in Nice. Source: Locutus Borg [Public domain]

Diagramme Du Lazaret 2023
Shipping cardboard box, colored tape,
masking tape, permanent marker, candlelight, travel brochure,
algae and water on cardboard.

Entrevaux History Museum, sewing room.

06.08.22 – 23.10.22

Curated by Sophia Luna Portra


Theodor Nymark
Ivy, and her Host (2022)
aluminum cast & brass
60x320cm approx

Theodor Nymark
Artist & curator
(b. 1997) Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Founder and curator of Salon 75 

  • MFA, Sculpture Department (Prof. Simon Dybbroe Møller), Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2021-2024.
  • BFA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2018-2021.

Solo Exhibitions:
  • 2023: Ètudes De Paysage @ Ping Pong, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2023: Domaine De Ètudes @ Spread Museum, Visual Arts Agency France Residency, Entrevaux, France.
  • 2022: Bigag & The Bando @ aaaa Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2022: Drafts of Ecology: Dear Landscape, @ RainRain Gallery, New York, USA.
  • 2022: Drafts of Ecology/Thought & Memory: Interior & Exterior @ Kerka Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2021: Drafts of Ecology: SIRENIA, Servando Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
  • 2021: Drafts of Ecology/Psyche Interior, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2020: Dream Structures @ Ta-Da space, Østerbro Copenhagen - Curated by Anne-Louise Knudsen.
  • 2020: Beastial Fantasy/Drafts of Ecology @ Patara Gallery Tbilisi, Georgia - Curated by Gvantsa Jishkariani.
  • 2019: CRITS’ Duo solo-show w/ Sofus Keiding @ Brigade Gallery Vesterbro, Copenhagen - Curated by Michael Bank Christoffersen.
  • 2018: The Legend of the Larynx Metamorphosis @ Garage 9 Bologna, Italy. Made in collaboration with Sofus Keiding Agger.
  • 2018: Roaming Away On The Pillars Of Consensus @ CGK (Carlsbergbyens kunstgalleri & salon), Copenhagen, Denmark.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
  • 2024: A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes a Long Way @ Zirka.Space, Munich, Germany. Curated by Kay Yoon.
  • 2023: Radical Technology @ Norrecco ressourcestation, Copenhagen, Denmark. Curated by
  • 2023: Anthology of the Field @ Basecamp, Locarno Film Festival 2023, Locarno, Switzerland. Curated by Justine Stella Knuchel.
  • 2022: Little shop of extraordinary personal beauty @ Alice Folker, Copenhagen, Denmark. Curated by Anna Stahn.
  • 2021: Sweet To Tongue — Sound To Eye @ Augustiana, Sønderborg, Denmark. Curated by Sophia Luna Portra.
  • 2021: Christmas Salon @ Alice Folker, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2020: Make Friend Not Art: Underbellies @ Bundesallee 213-214, Berlin, Germany. Curated by Caroline Marie Ballegaard.
  • 2019: Sevens Sages Laid Its Foundation @ Kur-Space, Vienna, Austria. Curated by Thor Tao Hansen.
  • 2019: Online live Conference-Performance for students of Paideia — School of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg. Curated by Valentina Makarova Sekisova.
  • 2018: Zoom With Your Feet (Make Friends) @ Overgaden, Institut for samtidskunst Copenhagen, Denmark. Curated by Louse Lyngh Bjerregaard.

Curatorial Work:
    • Dog, No Leash @ Spazio Orr, Brescia, Italy.
    • Floral & Machine @ Voskhod Gallery, Basel, Switzerland.
    • The Loading @ The Balcony, Den Haag, Netherlands.
    • Curiosity as Helmsmen @ Berlinskej Model, Prague, Czech Republic.
    • Drafts of Ecology/ URD @ CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.
    • Gravedwellers #4 @ Birkehøj Jættestue.
    • Gravedwellers #2 @ Møllehøj Jættestue.
    • Paul Barsch @ Salon 75.
    • Juxtapose Art Fair 2021 — Warm Little Pond (Performance stage and program).
    • Gravedwellers #1 @ Øm Jættestue.
    • EVER GROWN by Claus Haxholm @ Salon 75.
    • Im Drunk And I Want To Sleep In The Bog Tonight! @ Salon 75.
    • The Tired Mask of Spring by MARTIN AAGAARD HANSEN @ Salon 75.
    • From Green to Grey by Nushan Rose Roshiani @ Salon 75.
    • State of Affairs by Bob Bicknell-Knight (UK) @ Salon 75.
    • Fantastic Sunny Apartment And 10 Min To Manhattan @ Homesick Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

Writing & Radio:
  • Host and organizer of art critique radio show, Kritikklassen, for Absalon Radio, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Guest writer and consultant for Et Hul I Markedet art newsletter and Passive/Aggressive blog.

  • Spread Museum, Entrevaux, France, 2023
  • Brigade Gallery, Havana, Cuba, 2021

  • Drafts of Ecology, Salon 75 Publishing, 2024
  • Mesh Magazine, København, 2022
  • Amulet Magasin — The Picturesque Beast screenplay & online streaming, 2021
  • A Massive Weight Of Air, Soft Power Press, København. 2018
  • ’Love/Peace: Mountain’, Palmspree, København (music release), 2017
  • Various music releases on platforms like The Lake Radio, Turtleneck Records, and SM-LL. 2015-17

  • The Picturesque Beast, CPH DOX Official Selection 2021.
  • Bakken, CPH DOX Official Selection 2021, in collaboration with John Skoog.

  • Sun & Sea (extra) @ Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy.
  • Numerous live performances and DJ gigs across venues and festivals including Distortion Festival, Honeyland Festival, Bakken, and others.

  • Børsen Pleasure
  • Art Now Shanghai
  • Kristlig Dagblad
  • Imma Giannaira
  • Tv2 Danish Televison

  • Grosser LF Foghts Fond - working grant

+ 45 40 57 18 04

Sound and music projects



Founder and curator of Salon 75 - Independent platform for contemporary art 
Founder and curator of

Dog, No Leash w/ Abbas Akhavan, Nanna Abell, Joe Bun Keo Marie Søndergaard Lolk, Jessica Olausson, Noah Barker @ Spazio Orr, Brescia
Positions w/Jan Domicz, Francesco De Prezzo, Frederica Francesconi @ Salon 75, Copenhagen
Floral & Machine @ Voskhod Gallery, Basel

Curiosity as Helmsmen w/ Martin Brandt Hansen & Rasmus Lyberth @ Berlinskej Model, Prague 
The Loading w/ Lina Viste Grønli, Finn Reinbothe, Runo B, Tom Bachtell and Jia Jia Zhang @ The Balcony, Den Haag, Netherlands
Rundgang 2022 INT. — EXT. @ Sculpture School BILC, Copenhagen, Demar
Drafts of Ecology/ URD @ CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

Paul Barsch @ Salon 75
GraveDwellers #2 Møllehøj Jættestue

Claus Haxholm. @ Salon 75
Im Drunk And I Want To Sleep In The Bog Tonight! @ Salon 75
Martin Aaagard Hansen @ Salon 75
GraveDwellers 1# @ Øm Jættestue

State of Affairs by Bob Bicknell-Knight (UK) @ Salon 75
New, Other, Odd (film festival) @ CGK (Carlsbergbyens kunstgalleri & salon)
Emilie Viktoria KJÆR & SóLEY RAGNARSDóTTIR @ Salon 75
Shape shifting, brow lifting, block kitchen @ CGK (Carlsbergbyens kunstgalleri & salon)

Honeyland festival (art & music festival) @ Bornholm
Figures Of Speech @ Salon 75
Nye Rør! @ Salon 75

Compression by OK_Dog Collective (GER) @ Salon 75
Squinting at what appears to be almost there @ Salon 75
I am responsible for all living beings' happiness @ Salon 75

10 Timer I Aktivt Tomrum (art & music festival) @ Villakultur (Krausesvej 3)