Drafts of Ecology/Thought & Memory: Interior & Exterior

Kerka Gallery St. Petersburg, Russia — February 2022

The exhibition at KERKA gallery intends to explore the architecture and geography of Scandinavian agricultural (or, ‘Agrilogistical’) history, moreover, the presentation wish to act as a stepping stone for the research of a coming filmwork also entitled Thought & Memory. The show investigates a historical assembly of locations and architecture with agricultural significance by distilling and obstruct several types of constructions and locations. The story, narrated by the mythological beings, Hugin & Munin (or, Thought & Memory) - two ravens who traverse the Norse landscape by the order of the Norse god, Odin, to report back on its condition - is acting as a driver for the narrative in order to stitch the different historical eras together.
In the narrative, the ravens are embodied by ‘quadcopters’ (or drones) to reference not only the usage of drones in modern surveillance of crops in order to avoid weeds, but likewise used for human surveillance. Formally the exhibition functions as an investigative playground from which speculations and abstractions of the narrative - and more specifically the architecture and locations within it - is explored as a method of researching. The presentation briefly touches upon subjects such as a famous painting from the realist period of Danish art history (Udslidt/Martyr - H.A Brændekilde), timber frame housing structures, vertical farming technology, and a prehistoric grain drying facility goverened by two ravens. 

The Martyr 2022

Spirulina and Inkjet on canvas
Thought & Memory (Beta) 2022

1-channel animation with sound
Safehouse 2022

Lime wood and full spectrum grow light.