The Legend of the Larynx Metamorphosis

By Theodor Præst Nymark Jensen & Sofus Keiding Agger.

With support by Mikkel Drabik Jacobsen, Bruno Zhang & Evan Lu.

The exhibition at GARAGE 9 in Bologna examines the concept of the flood-myth as an instrument of power and a global mythological legend. The works in the exhibition visualize an imaginary conspiratorial narrative, evolved upon a self-written text, that translates into speculation about the results of a potential flood of, among others, Bologna and Homosapiensʼ ability to adapt to this suggested situation.

Told with mythical language, the text describes a story about two craftsmen who wander from the mountains, and down to the center of Bologna. There, they publically announce a solution of survival to the potential flooding of the city. Through rich telling they propose a ritual of transformation which replaces the human lungs with a fish gill apparatus. A young boy, willing to participate, experiences the greatest heroic sensation of his short life and attempts to make his old fisherman father proud. To everyoneʼs surprise, something unexpected happens and the duality of the narrative blossoms in uncanny tragedy. Thereby the craftsmen demonstrate a biological change to evolve as a species, acting in a dialectical drama of battling the inner and outer superior nature.

13th September – 15th September 2019 Garage 9, Via Di Saliceto 9H, Bologna