Make Friends Not Art: Underbellies

20. – 22.08.2021

Bundesallee 213-214, 10719 Berlin

We are all drawn to that which feeds us. So let us share the crumbs of our strategies and make it an exchange; we will provide borrowed shelter to that which can love and live on a contaminated surface. In the abundance of dependency, we are all in debt anyways, and we believe that parasites can be amiable. Life is an open invitation to eat and be eaten. Take (over) and give back. Sustain your relations by laying them bare. Everyone has a soft underside, and we would love to see yours, too.

Make Friends Not Art: Underbellies is a group exhibition focusing on young emerging artists and the networks between them. Taking over an office space in Berlin for a weekend in August 2021, the show emphasizes the interdependent play of earthly existence and its often, though not always, parasitic nature.

Mask of Christopher Fen-Dweller, 2019
Carved pine wood, TV mount
Variable dimensions