Domaine d’Ètude

Theodor Nymark

Spread Museum Residency

May 2023 Entrevaux, France

Domaine d’Ètude or Field Study is a compilation of gestures and situations

comprised of assemblages, sculptures and paintings made during the

month of May 2023 in Entrevaux, France by artist and curator Theodor Nymark

in relation to a residency hosted by Spread Museum and Visual Arts Agency France.

The anthology of content investigates the historical and aesthetic qualities

of the surrounding areas and pose to negotiate and encompass notions of

the ephemeral, environmental and essential.

Domaine d’Ètude 1
Algae on cotton paper,
plastic foil, colored tape,
travel brochure, dried pine twig.

Apartment at Rue Du Marché in Entrevaux.

Domaine d’Ètude 2 2023
Algae on cotton paper,
travel brochure, dried thistle.

Apartment at Rue Du Marché
in Entrevaux.

Protectrice 2023
Bubble wrap, colored tape and dried cherry laurel.

Apartment at Rue Du Marché in Entrevaux

Outils Ou Changer 2023
Resin hand axe and receipt

Inside window sill of rented Toyota CH-R
Hybrid in Malausséne by the Vàr river.

Succession De Pourriture 2023
Purchased empty Escargot shells and clover mites.

Composting field of Jardin d’Entrevaux.

Representation of the settlement in the Lazaret Cave in Nice. Source: Locutus Borg [Public domain]

Diagramme Du Lazaret 2023
Shipping cardboard box, colored tape,
masking tape, permanent marker, candlelight, travel brochure,
algae and water on cardboard.

Entrevaux History Museum, sewing room.