W&L's Artist Supplies Store

DELFI welcomes you to a collaboration with Danish curator duo Walther&Langaard. W&L will transform DELFI into a temporary pop-up shop for artist supplies and tools made by artists. The shop will manifest itself in the course of 14 days where the participating artists will exhibit their take on the concept of the artist supply. The tools that artists use often belong to other economical spheres or value systems than the rest of society. W&L want to showcase the ideas, theories and experiences that are created between working artists. The exhibition will discuss artists' working conditions and habitats and the store will function as a key to the reserve. The products will be for sale, priced by the artists by personal systems and labels.

Participating artists:
Nanna Riis Andersen, Michael Bolt Fischer, Ditte Marie Frost, Nat Bloch Gregersen, Felicia Fasanino Jansson, Jeppe Jørgensen, Miriam Kongstad, Anne Langgaard, Theodor Præst Nymark, Signe Ralkov, L M Salling, Jakob Sjøberg, Kate Sterchi, Magnus Thierfelder, Anna Walther.

Opening. 01/06, 16-20

@Political Colours

Thanks to architect Søren Vadstrup for advice!