Vibevej præsenterer: Rentemestervej 69b

Vibevej is a studio fellowship which started in the fall of 2016. We have now moved to Rentemestervej 69b and have therefore invited a series of artists to take part in a group exhibition taking place on March 1st. 2019 in our new empty space.

The studio on Rentemestervej 69b has been available for use for 14 days leading up to the exhibition and a handful of the artworks presented at the exhibition are therefore new and produced in the rooms in which they're exhibited.

It is the artist's own responsibility to put up they're works and they must, therefore, dialogue with the room and the surrounding artists. This dialogue with the surroundings is what we feel is gonna shape the exhibition "Vibevej præsenterer: Rentemestervej 69b"

Exhibiting artists: 
Sara Ada, Valdemar Bisgaard, Nils Buksted, Therese Bülow, Sally Dalsgård, Mikkel Drabik Jacobsen, Gustav Hooge, Magnus Hvidtfeld, Thor Kazou, Thor Albin Kjær, Kristian Jonathan Krabbe, Adrian Lopez Pena, Mikkel Lystbæk, Helena Müller, Theodor Nymark, Mille Qvist, Signe Ralkov, Miles Schuler, Sara Sinkjær, Svend Sømod, Alice Topsøe, Adam Varab, Fillip Vest, Liisi Voll,
Frederik Vium, Anna Walther, Mira Winding

Curated by: 
Sikker August, Eigil Bakdal Jørgensen, Sofus Keiding, Tristan Kold, Tobias Just.

Photography: Christian Alexander

Morphology , 2018
Vægmaling, monster truck plakat med bladguld i ramme.

Untitled, 2019
Ryanair bog, latex, Monster Energy

Gradient, 2019
Vægmaling, magnetisk knivholder, plastik billedrammer

Rest, 2019
Yoga skum sten, ubrændt ler

Path of communication, 2019