Learning From (Learning) Albertslund

Saturday, 1 June 2019

This event will be the culmination of a year long workshop focusing on space-specific artistic work and collaborative research in Albertslund and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. There will be art, talks and snacks. We hope to see you all for a lovely Saturday afternoon!

Participating artists:
Sebastian Adolfsson, Sofus Keiding Agger, Valdemar Bisgaard, Thor Kazuo Buehlow
Lukas Danys, Theodor Præst Nymark Jensen, Mai Northcote, Simon Persson
Luca Frei, Else Pedersen.

Special thanks to Jørgen "Krølle" Hansen and to Michael Willumsen for lending us the house.

‘Hypha’  2019
Digital print on A4 Paper, strips, garden tile, fall leaves,
dried mushrooms from the garden.

The work “Hypha” for the group show ‘Learning from Albertslund’ consisting of a collection of documents on the case of the urban development of The five finger plan anno 2019, Wikipedia texts on Swarm Intelligence and writings about 12 tone music. The exhibition was staged in a old garden house from the 70’s, which was to be demolished and was done In a collaboration between students from the Royal Danish Academy of Art for the course ‘Learning from Albertslund’ by tutor Luca Frei, Jakob Kolding and Heidi Svenningsen.