Performing The Concept of Dualism In a Modern World
Friday 2. December 2017. Odense, Denmark
Table lyre from 1919, steel bowls, violin bow, dc motor and potentiometer, tub, water, latex cross applied on acrylic plate, modular synthesizer, wireless microphone, loudspeaker, sound mixer.

The performance is staged in the music library of Funen for a two-day multi-media art festival entitled “The Crystal Palace”. My contribution for this event was a composition of poetry, music and visual art.
In the back of the performers there is placed a Latex cross that is applied on an acrylic plate. It banalises the conception of faith, and it is the circulating aesthetic element of the performance. Throughout the action I (Theodor Nymark, left) am reciting a series of self-written poems in a continuous pattern, while my companion (Frej Volander, right) is manipulation my speech in real-time. In the gap of each poem I am washing my hands in the water tub as an act of purification, the sound of the water is amplified with a contact microphone. In addition, a musical element of steel bowls played with a violin bow and a table lyre with an attached dc motor, is accompanying the performance.