Det Pittoreske Bæst
(The Picturesque Beast)



Det Pittoreske Bæst er en multi-narrativ hybridfilm som følger en antropomorfisk ulveskikkelse, hvis formål bliver at håndgribe den sublime natur. Sat i tidlig guldalder samt parallelt i en ikke så fjern fremtid.

The Picturesque Beast is a multi-narrative hybrid film that follows an anthropomorphic wolf-like figure whose purpose is to capture the sublime nature. Set in the early danish golden age (romantic era) and as well in a parallel not so distant future.


April — CPH DOX Official Selection - New Danish Film: Premiere @ Cinemateket  Copenhagen, Denmark

May — BFA degree show @ Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen, Denmark

August — solo presentation and screening @ Brigade Gallery Copenhagen, Denmark

August — Make Friend Not Art: Underbellies @ Bundesallee 213-214 Berlin, Germany

August — New Other Odd screening #2 @ Cantina
Aarhus, Denmark

5th September — Screening @ Zolforosso
Venice, Italy

19th September — Screening @ Partara Gallery 
Tbilisi, Georgia

26th September — Screening @ Kunsthal 44
Møn, Denmark

October — Online via Amulet Magasin 
Copenhagen, Denmark


Solo show — Drafts of Ecology: Psyche Interior @ Udstillingsstedet Q
Copenhagen, Denmark

Drafts of Ecology: SIRENIA @ Servando Gallery
Havana, Cuba

Solo Shows

Drafts of Ecology/Psyche Interior, Udstillingsstedet Q 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

BFA Degree Show — The Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts 2021 
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dream Structures, Ta-Da Space 2021
Copenhagen, Denmark

Drafts of Ecology/Beastial Fantasy, Patara Gallery 2020
Tbilisi, Georgia

CRITS, Brigade Gallery 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

Roaming Away On The Pillars Of Consensus, CGK 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Group shows

Make Friend Not Art: Underbellies 2021
@ Bundesallee 213-214
Curated by Caroline Marie Ballegaard
Berlin, Germany

“HUMAN ERR0R”, GMO Gallery 2020
New York, USA (Online)

Staff Only, Salon 75 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

Rehearsal of The Beast, Rum46 Studsgade 2020
Aarhus, Denmark

The Legend of the Larynx Metamorphosis 2019
Bologna, Italy

Zoom With Your Feet (Make Friends) 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

Homesick Gallery - Fantastic Sunny Apartment And 10 Min To Manhatten 2019
Brooklyn, New York 

Learning From (Learning) Albertslund 2019
Albertslund, Denmark

Supermarket Art Fair curated by Ta-Da 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Pulsar Festival, Udstillingsstedet Q 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

Vibevej Præsenterer: Rentemestervej 69B 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

Førsteårsudstillingen, Udstillingsstedet Q 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Calculation LIVE online-performance, Tashkent International Biennale for Contemporary Art 2018
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Båndmagasinet no. 2, The Lake Radio. 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Walther & Langgaards Artists Supplies, Delfi 2018
Malmö, Sweden

Nye Rør!, Salon 75 2018
Frederiksberg, Denmark

Don’t Feed The Troll, Salon 75 2018
Frederiksberg, Denmark

Vi Tager Intet Ansvar 5, Kræ Syndikatet & Warehouse9 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

Flerdagesdrøm festival 2017
Slangerup, Denmark

Ingen Jury, Ingen Præmier, Salon 75  2017
Frederiksberg, Denmark

In The Gallery #10 No Title, Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon  2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

Spring Exhibition Charlottenborg  2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

Krystalpaladset, Odensemusikbibliotek  2017
Odense, Denmark

Drafts of Ecology/


22nd – 24th October 2021
Opening Friday 22nd October
7 – 9 pm

Udstillingsstedet Q
Peder Skrams Gade 2
1050 Copenhagen K

Text by

Caroline Ballegaard

The Cast:

Psyche: born (year undisclosed) to Greek parents with royal ties (according to the rumors). Those same whispers croon of a sight for sore eyes, and none seem to have dared to steal more than a glance at her. She was last seen, in tears, alone on a mountain peak; her current whereabouts are unknown.

Myself: The author.

Time: Today.

Place: The pleasure house of some god.

You might, as I, wonder about the choice of furniture. Interiors are questions of acquired, if not purely personal, taste—and who knows about the preferences of gods. There should be no kink shame, green is a lovely color with so many properties. Nature! Progress! Rebirth! No, I’m not tempted to mention that other obvious one, so human in nature (there it is again!).
The grass is always greener, and what is life without desire and its flipside. Like other things in this house not easily kept, it has a tendency to rub off.

So, I warn: Be careful with the green you see. Small environments that stick to me, sometimes leaving my fingers damp and sweet to touch with a tongue.
Temperature is of dire importance here; wind, weather, the will of the current, the rays of the sun. You stifle your soon to be burning passion for the lowest of mankind, staying still surrounded by cabinets of containment.

Think of them as tokens of your own. Let yourself sit and be served. In ancient holy books, I find prosperity and abundance in my search for nectar. It is a sacred gift, both wild and domesticated, always luxurious and sweet. Surely delight can be dangerous, I feel the temptation lurking at every corner to let myself go in favor of earthly pleasures.
What did he put in this wine?

Maybe I’ve changed my mind. I’m exhausted by the ruinous demands of our hearts. Can’t we flee as we did from the ash of the torches extinguished by your father’s weeping?
The need to fly in the face of any and every thing doesn’t necessarily mean freedom, though I heard you were a mortal lover and a serpent that bites with one or both eyes closed can look like the sweetest of beasts.

Dearest Psyche, have you found out how the monster isn’t hiding under your bed, though he still hides in the dark? Not only kind things come with wings, a plague does too. Alas, to be a human lover. Like holding matches to a forest fire, I imagine someone trying to catch you. At least he deems you worthy of hanging on the wall.
Did I forget to mention that Nabokov was a well-known collector of butterflies?

Lepidopterist, light of my life, fire of my burning blaze. No one told me to be careful with your hot wax, your drop of oil, and I adore you to distraction. A touch of skin by trembling lashes—might I,  clinging, catch wings by proxy, if only for a second. He wants what will also mean the very death of me. Or the becoming something else and more.
Maybe the wild grass. For who says anything ends at dying. You can try to close your fist.

See, I told you I was a no-good human.

The Mesh:
IKEA IVAR dinner table set with chairs dyed with spirulina, aroma diffuser with Monster Energy Paradise, bluetooth speaker with custom soundtrack, custom box dyed with spirulina for natural wine, custom box dyed with spirulina for IKEA wine glasses, IKEA CYLINDER vases with water pearls and flowers from Aldi.

Psyche Interior — Cabinet. 1
Bookcase, LED light, laser engraved plexiglas, magnetic butterflies, carabiners, ornamented shelf brackets and custom electrical cord.
Contents: Deer bone wrapped in bubblewrap & empty Monster Energy Hydra with attached silicone bracelets.

Psyche Interior — Cabinet. 2
Bookcase, LED light, laser engraved plexiglas, magnetic butterflies, carabiners, ornamented shelf brackets and custom electrical cord.
Contents: Dried mandarins.

The Archive:

  1. Model for Environment
    IKEA KNUFF Magazineholder, Spirulina, magnetic paint, modelling bush, modelling figure - on custom plinth.

  2. Recherche et Fantaisie
    IKEA KNUFF Magazineholder, Spirulina, magnetic paint, magnetic butterflies, archival research material, colored glossy paper, plastic dog mask - on custom plinth.

  3. Beastial Rehearsal
    IKEA KNUFF Magazineholder, Spirulina, magnetic paint, magnetic butterflies, varied fur scraps  - on custom plinth.

  4. Palissade
    IKEA KNUFF Magazineholder, Spirulina, magnetic paint, magnetic butterflies, dried pacay fruit, paper scraps, colored glossy paper, portable ashtray from Magaluf, volcanic rock  - on custom plinth with magnetic butterflies.

Bulletin. 4
Magnetic butterflies & paper cutout from cartoon attached to iron plate.

Bulletin. 5
Magnetic butterflies, magnets, receipt from Uniqlo & Wunderbar attached to iron plate.

Bulletin. 2
Magnetic butterflies & watercolor on paper attached to iron plate.

Bulletin. 3
Magnetic butterflies, paper cutouts, cyanotype, manual from beehive decoy & label from Paw Patrol sleeping bag attached to iron plate.

Psyche Interior — Cabinet. 3
Bookcase, LED light, laser engraved plexiglas, magnetic butterflies, carabiners, hand-cut aluminum, dyed bolts, ornamented shelf brackets and custom electrical cord.
Contents: Hair of a Lagotto Romagnolo(truffle/marsh dog) wrapped in scoby leather and silk ribbon.

Bulletin. 1
Magnetic butterflies & businesscard from Le Gourmand with stain from MDMA purification testkit attached to iron plate.